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Our vision is to digitally transform recruitment, so businesses can build teams more efficiently and effectively.


About Us

Well over 4 million people — from Candidates and Hiring Managers to Recruiters and HR Teams — rely on Vacancy Filler to find their next career and recruit their next team member.

Our founder and CEO, Alex Khakbiz, started Vacancy Filler back in 2008 when he was frustrated with the way he had to find talented people to help his business grow. So with certainty that technology could ease the pains he was facing, Vacancy Filler was born.

Today, Vacancy Filler is one of the most feature-rich Applicant Tracking Systems on the market with tools to attract, recruit and onboard high performing teams.

Although Vacancy Filler has changed a lot in 12+ years, some things haven’t. We have remained true to the core values that were instilled from the very first day.

Our People

We are proud of our teams - each and every one of us share the same vision and goals. We are the fabric that pulls everything together. And we like and respect each other too.

Our Customers

We are proud of our extended family. They are the heart of our operations and we do anything and everything (within reason) to give them the best possible experience, all of the time.


The award winning Applicant Tracking System that’s trusted by some of the best companies