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Content Management Module

Enabling You To Effortlessly Manage Your Careers Site Content

Keep your Careers Site fresh, compelling and always captivating with our recruiter-friendly Content Management Module. We give you all the tools to refresh, tweak, upload and publish all your content in nano-seconds, not months.


Create, Edit & Publish Fast

We know that Candidate Experience and Employer Branding is important to you. That's why Vacancy Filler's Content Management Module makes it easy for you to create, edit and publish content fast. 

Here are just some customers who rely on our Content Management Module to manage their Careers Site content and boost their candidate attraction:

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Beyond Your Careers Site

Seamless integration with Vacancy Filler Applicant Tracking System means that you can deliver a truly consistent candidate journey from first engagement to the first day at work. Plus, once your vacancies are published, you don't need to keep track of the expiry dates, as Vacancy Filler ATS does that for you. 

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Recruitment Marketing In A Click

Recruiters need to be agile and act fast. That's why we built a Content Management Module so that they could take control of their recruitment marketing with no reliance on IT or Marketing to provide the changes you want.

Recruitment Marketing

Human Interface

Content Management Modules are usually built for techies, not recruiters, our content Management Module user-friendly interface enables you to build templates, so you can work and it comes with a simple  WYSIWYG editor (WYSIWYG = What you see is what you get).

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One Central Content Library

With Vacancy Filler Content Management Module, you can manage your content library in one central place. It's easy to upload and even easier to share across your Careers Site pages.

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Integrations Galore

You can connect with a whole range of Third-Party Tools to make your content management experience more familiar. Here's just a sample of the most popular ones.

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Social Platforms (Facebook, Instagram)
  • OneDrive

More Than A Content Management Module

Vacancy FillerContent Management Module gives you extra's uncommon with most Content Management Modules. You'll have access to a range of value-added tools:

  • Site Analytics
  • Content Workflow Automation
  • SEO Performance
  • Audits
Analytics Reporting

We Put Our Customers First

We provide unlimited support for every user, which essentially means we are always here for you, irrespective of your requirement. 

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We would really like to amaze you with our Content Management Module. 

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