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Employee Induction

Reduce Your Hiring Managers Workload

We bridge the communication gap for new employees, from offer to start date and makes Inducting new employees effortless for Hiring Managers.



Control the way your EVP is displayed

A fully branded and customised platform, to keep your new starters enthusiastic during the Welcome Process.


Give all your new hires a memorable candidate experience

Connect all your Teams, Hiring Managers, and Stakeholders so that they can deliver a consistent message to your recruits.


Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Without lifting a finger

Provide your new recruits with a fully automated and engaging Induction process, using multiple routes (in-messaging, SMS, emails, push notifications, and newsfeed).

Employee Induction App

Reduce first-day nerves with a branded Employee Induction App that gives new hires full access to all the forms they need to fill in, company documentation, policies, training guides, an internal social newsfeed, as well as videos and other media to help them get acquainted with your business and their new team.

  • Company social media newsfeed
  • Training guides
  • Company documents
  • First day/week new starter checklist
  • Automated welcome emails

Digital Library

Give your new recruits access to your Digital Library to review all of your corporate policies, documents and media to make sure they're ready to start work.

  • GDPR
  • H&S
  • NDA

Automated Check-Lists

Automate your Hiring Manager’s Induction Check-list and set tasks to make sure every new recruit is inducted efficiently and effectively. 

  • Line manager calls
  • Documents reviews
  • References 
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