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Employee Onboarding

Let Candidates Know They Made The Right Choice

Create an automated employee onboarding experience that gives your new starters access to everything they need to feel like a part of the team on their very first day.


With our ATS onboarding software, your new hires will have a fast, friendly, and engaging employee onboarding experience

It should be embedded into your company's mission to provide all your new hires with everything they need before they start, digitally and more importantly, quickly. Long gone are the days where your talent is waiting for the postman to deliver that offer letter, contract, and start date!

Our Applicant Tracking Systems' onboarding module, gives you all the tools to perform a personalised offer and contract management that includes unlimited and zero cost digital signatures all within the platform. 


Pain-free background checking with your new onboarding process

Our ATS platform solutions gives recruiters and hiring manager's exactly what they need, instantly. You can create standardised checklists and perform all your Background and Right to Work (RTW) Checks.

Performing your Checks within the platform is a real value add for any recruiter. Having all candidate data, stored in one place that can be viewed and then exported seamlessly to your HCM or HRIS will eliminate lots of manual and repetitive processes. Working in this fashion will enable you to meet GDPR and compliance regulations.

Onboarding Background Checks

Scrap new hire paperwork with digital referencing onboarding programs

The Vacancy Filler ATS can make your new hire's line manager's life much easier by making those repetitive and mundane onboarding tasks simple.

Creating your own effective onboarding process means you can design your own branded reference forms enabling your new employees to provide their references easily at a click of the button. And then, by magic, you can send another form and covering email to those references, asking for a reference for that candidate. All within the platform! And don't forget, all our forms include e-signatures.

Optimising our recruitment automation, you can set alerts and reminders, so you don't have to spend time chasing candidates and their references to complete the forms!

Quick Hiring Process

Employee satisfaction from the start by delivering offers and contracts instantly to all new hires

Customise your job offer letters and contracts by letting our digital employee onboarding process do the rest. Send out Offer letters, then enable your new hires to accept with an e-signature and perhaps set up a workflow to notify your hiring manager's that they've accepted! Contract of Employment which could include a copy of your employee handbook, for example can be sent and returned, all with a click of the button (and an e-signature).

Effective onboarding means you have a strong onboarding process for all team members and new hires to use, so your entire process is streamlined and stress free from start to finish.

Automated Hiring Checklist
Improved Employee Engagement
Information in One Place
Navigate Your Orientation
  • Employee Engagement through an improved employee onboarding process

    With our in-built onboarding checklist, you have the ability to provide seamless new employee onboarding processes. You can set tasks to ensure the whole onboarding process runs smoothly from start to finish.

  • Successful onboarding with your new hires information in one place

    Employee onboarding provides HR professionals with the ability to automatically store and organise your new starter information in one place. This can include storing new hires' references into your HCM and Payrolls systems.

    Vacancy Filler has API Integrations with leading business systems that automatically transfer new employee data, reducing the time you spend on admin tasks and ensuring your new hire data is in the right place at the right time.

  • Use our mobile app to navigate your employee orientation and reduce employee turnover.

    You will have the ability with our ATS to ensure your new hire can get on board with your company culture and mission from the start.

    Create a welcome program that works through active employee engagement, where new employees can view company policies, videos, and training through a social newsfeed that can be customised to your own company values and requirements.



"Experian is delighted to have partnered with a market leader in recruitment technology. Recruitment is changing at pace, and this partnership shows a true focus on data, security and technology, which will deliver a smoother and quicker onboarding experience for all recruiters."

Hugo Gretton, Partnerships Development Manager
Experian Partnerships & Alliances

Matthew Brooks, Head of HR Solutions at Experian Background Checking, said “We are very excited about the months ahead as we continue to grow our partnership with Vacancy Filler and evolve the recruitment industry”.

Kirsty Sweeney
Google Inc.

"The integration of Experian’s background checks into Vacancy Filler’s platform will give customers a seamless candidate onboarding solution and power HR teams to make better, more informed recruitment decisions. A single solution to manage the recruitment process, will see employers being able to track, manage and screen their candidates all in one place. The integration will drastically improve the candidate’s experiences by minimising touchpoints between their interview and their first day in work."

Hugo Gretton, Partnerships Development Manager
Experian Partnerships & Alliances
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