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Security & GDPR

Be Safe, Secure & Compliant

Safeguard your candidate data with layered protection and GDPR compliancy. 


Safe & Secure

Rest assured that our Applicant Tracking System puts security and compliance first. We act as the data processor with our customers controlling their data which is stored in an ISO27001 compliant data centre. We hold Cyber Essentials certification and are an approved supplier on the G-Cloud 12 framework. 
  • All data is encrypted in transit using modern TLS standards
  • All PII is encrypted at rest using AES and your own unique encryption key
  • Authentication is protected using SSO and MFA

We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Security & GDPR

GDPR Compliant

We know the importance of GDPR and the impact it has on organisations, especially when recruiting. We have a number of technology and organisational controls in place that underpin compliance such as encrypting all data in transit and at rest. 
Our Applicant Gateway provides a pivotal role in GDPR Compliancy, ensuring all candidates agree to a privacy statement. The candidate then has full visibility of their data with the option to update or remove at any point.
  • You're the Data Controller
  • All candidate data is removed automatically from the system after the retention period
  • Flexibility to change the retention period
  • Automatically advise your candidates that their data will be removed or updated
GDPR Compliance

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is a great way of helping protect your user accounts from being compromised. In doing so, it ensures that business-critical data doesn't end up in the wrong hands.

Available on Vacancy Filler's Applicant Tracking System, it's simple and user-friendly to set up. In addition, it's configurable to suit your pre-agreed levels of authentication required across all users who access the system.

For example, in order to log in to Vacancy Filler Applicant Tracking System, you will be required to enter your:-

  • Telephone Number (sent via SMS)
  • Email Address
  • Authentication App
Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Single Sign-On (SSO)

For organisations that operate an SSO practice, we can arrange for Vacancy Filler to be integrated so that users can log in using their existing access and identity provider, such as Office365.  It's literally a flick of a switch and you will have the same login details across all your systems and apps - all managed centrally by your IT team.

Single Sign On
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