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C-Suite Applicant Tracking System

The Applicant Tracking System designed for C-Suite

Great leaders build teams that help their people reach their goals


Build a Team to help you Grow

Vacancy Filler allows you to implement your people strategy throughout your entire recruitment process thanks to our flexible Applicant Tracking System. Our platform enables you to change your processes and workflows on the fly as your business develops and grows, while also providing you with a full suite of analytics and reporting tools to help you make informed decisions about your strategy.

  • Configurable recruitment stages
  • Customisable terminology
  • Automate communication at any stage
  • Fully audited and reportable
Customised Recruitment Process

Keep Your People Motivated

Having core systems in your organisations that are inflexible and rigid can have a major impact on the day-to-day work life of your people. With Vacancy Filler, your HR & Recruiting Teams will have the ability to customise and configure the system to suit their recruitment, so that they can work the way they want to, meaning happy teams!

  • Configurable end to end recruitment processes
  • Customisable terminology
  • Automate communication at any stage
  • Fully audited and reportable 
Configurable Recruitment Flows

Stakeholder Collaboration

Stakeholder communication is key across any organisation. With Vacancy Filler, you can create an end-to-end digital recruitment process that allows every stakeholder to communicate with each other while having access to everything to make their days more effective.

  • Mobile-first platform allowing collaboration anywhere at any time, on any device
  • The flexibility to show and hide information to specific stakeholders
  • Automated task notifications
  • Access to automated reports and dashboards
  • User/Group & Company Access Rights
Automated FRecruitment Processes

View Your Recruitment Performance & Budget

Our recruitment software provides top-level analytics that allows C-Suite to receive all the data you need to ensure your hiring is on budget, generating a clear ROI and meeting your people strategy.

  • Set benchmarks & measure time/cost to hire
  • Improve recruitment ROI
  • Adhere to Diversity & Inclusion practices
  • Ensure your hiring meets Equal Opportunities best practice
Recruitment Performance

Return On Investment

Reducing time and cost to hire will have a significant impact on your company’s recruitment budget. Video technology alone can generate a rapid ROI - usually, it only takes a couple of months.

  • Unlimited free video screening
  • Unlimited automated recruitment workflows 
Candidate Assessment

Equal Opportunities

Having an application progress that’s free of “labels” and purely based around skills, expertise and the ability to do the job is incredibly important to organisations that have a clear and defined diversity and inclusion practice. Vacancy Filler removes the “labels” and enables components of the application or CV to be anonymised, enabling recruiters and hiring managers to meet best practices throughout the hiring process.

  • Blind shortlisting
  • Diversity and inclusion reporting
Equal Opportunities

Safe, Secure & Compliant

Data Security and compliance are key and with Vacancy Filler, you control your candidate data - not us! 

  • Compliant with GDPR regulations
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Data stored in EEA
  • Single-Sign-On
Secure Data


Give your brand the same voice across your careers site through to your multi-channel recruitment campaigns so you can recruit the best candidates and fill your talent pool. Allowing you to gain the maximum exposure of your adverts while having the ability to promote your EVP in a way that you.

  • Bespoke careers site with a CMS giving you full control of your content
  • Multi-posting allows you to choose from over 70 job boards
Employer Branding
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