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Recruitment Business Partners Applicant Tracking System

The Applicant Tracking System Designed For Recruitment Business Partners

All the tools you need to deliver your sourcing strategy


Implement Your Own Recruitment Strategy

You need to attract and hire the most qualified candidates that meet your job specifications, your long-term objectives and be a great cultural fit for your business. 

  • Multi-posting to 70+ Job Boards
  • Measure time to hire/cost of hire
  • Report & Analyse on channels and sources

Collaborate with teams

Our recruitment software enables you to communicate with each other while having access to everything they need. one click while coordinating HR, finance and your hiring team within deadlines.

  • Give external recruiters and your Agencies/RPO's access to your Applicant Tracking System
  • Mobile first platform allowing collaboration anywhere at any time
  • The flexibility to show and hide information to specific stakeholders
  • Automated task notifications

Customise Your Candidate Journey

With Vacancy Filler, you won't be stuck in a rigid Application Tracking System, where you cannot change your forms, templates or processes quickly. On the contrary, you can pretty much create your own application process and craft a candidate journey to match the way you recruit.

  • Customise Application Forms with embedded company induction videos and rich media.
  • Create your own Killer Questions and SJT templates and insert at any point of the recruitment cycle 
  • Choose from 100's of Skills-based Tests
  • Brand Your Application Forms to meet your guidelines

Build Your Own Process Flows

Create custom automated recruitment workflows that perfectly match your recruitment process so your team can focus on what they do best. Your team will be super-happy they don't have to perform manual and repetitive tasks!

  • Unlimited automated recruitment workflows
  • Automated internal reminders
  • Automated candidate ranking
  • Automated communications

Create A Talent Pool

Build a talent pool that’s full of potential candidates which you can sort, engage and nurture directly from our Applicant Tracking System. This enables you to reduce your time and cost to hire while promoting yourself as an employer of choice.

  • Candidate tagging to quickly and easily tag candidates for future reference
  • Search for keywords within CV’s and application forms
  • Saved search & advanced filtering across your candidate database
  • One-touch branded email & SMS communications
  • Automated removal of candidate data for GDPR compliance

Real Time Visibility

Measure campaigns and all your sourcing channel performance, monitor diversity and inclusion goals, time and cost to hire and all from your recruitment analytics dashboards.

  • Over 50 prebuilt reports
  • Custom widgets
  • Set KPIs
  • Customisable dashboards per user

All The Support You Need

Our customers come first. You will have your own dedicated Account Manager who comes from a recruitment background on hand to support you on your journey with us. But we also go that extra mile so all users get the very best experience at all times.

  • Guidance from your Account Manager
  • Monthly Virtual Product Updates
  • User Forum
  • UK Based Service Desk offering Unlimited User & Candidate Support
It's time to take your recruitment to the next level. 

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