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Recruitment Analytics

Turn Data Into Action To Create Results Driven Recruitment Campaigns

Create customisable recruitment analytics dashboards to gain visibility of your entire recruitment strategy.



Build it and they will see

Create reports and dashboards across your recruitment process that mean something to your users, hiring managers, stakeholders across your business. You get to define the variety, variability, and velocity of reports and dashboard to suit your needs or someone else!


Know your onions

Explore every component of your process, channels, and timings, so you can set KPIs, see trends, performance and analyse against historic data, benchmarks and plan for future provisioning. For Diversity & Inclusion, you can customise what metrics are important to you, so you can meet your strategic objectives.


Bring to light your findings

There's no point in having amazing recruitment analytics if you don't do anything with them. By understanding your time to hire, time to recruit, best performing job boards, how diverse you are with your recruiting, you will be able to re-adjust and switch your budgets to suit and be smarter

Configurable Dashboards

Create custom reporting widgets to display the data and recruitment analytics that are important to your business with a configurable recruitment analytics dashboard that is displayed in real-time. Allowing you to use the data to track KPI performance or take action on outstanding tasks.

  • Over 50 prebuilt reports
  • Custom widgets
  • Set KPIs
  • Customisable dashboards per user
Configurable Dashboards

Diversity & Inclusion Reporting

Ensure your company is meeting your diversity and inclusion targets by being able to report on protected characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, criminal conviction, and sexuality.

  • Track characteristics throughout the recruitment process
  • Automated reports sent to key stakeholders
  • Export data to external auditors
  • Disability and criminal conviction reporting
Diversity & Inclusion
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