Recruitment Analytics Dashboards

Turn data into action to create results driven recruitment campaigns

Create customisable recruitment analytics dashboards to gain visibility of your entire talent acquisition strategy.

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Real-time visibility

Measure campaign performance, system usage, diversity and inclusion goals, time and cost to hire and candidate sourcing channel performance all from your recruitment analytics dashboards.

Configurable Dashboards

Create custom reporting widgets to display the data and analytics that are important to your business on a configurable recruitment analytics dashboard which is displayed in real-time. Allowing you to use the data to track KPI performance or take action on outstanding tasks.

  • Over 50 prebuilt reports
  • Custom widgets
  • Set KPIs
  • Customisable dashboards per user

Diversity & Inclusion Reporting

Ensure your company is meeting your diversity and inclusion targets by being able to report on protected characteristics such as gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, criminal conviction and sexuality.

  • Track characteristics throughout the recruitment process
  • Automated reports sent to key stakeholders
  • Export data to external auditors
  • Disability and criminal conviction reporting

Create results-driven recruitment campaigns

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