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Recruitment Automation

Streamline Your Repetitive Tasks And Focus On Your Candidates

Create custom automated recruitment workflows that perfectly match your recruitment process so your team can focus on what they do best.



Achieve the impossible

Improve your workload to no end by eliminating repetitive, tedious, and common tasks with our powerful workflow engine that automates pretty much any process, internally and externally.


Deliver Zillions of communications without the effort

Ramp up your communications by optimising the full force of our workflow engine across your recruitment process. Candidates, Hiring Managers, Agencies, and internal stakeholders can be gripped, nudged, and poked at any point that you chose!


Drive success and performance goals

Transform your HR team into a Recruitment engine and increase your team's performance by making them more productive, more collaborative, and more consistent through a range of workflow automation

Recruitment Workflows

Use recruitment automation to create customisable workflows that remove all of your repetitive high-volume admin tasks such as emailing candidates when they apply for a role, qualifying out candidates that don’t meet your criteria, and reminding team members to complete tasks.

  • Unlimited automated recruitment workflows
  • Automated internal reminders
  • Automated candidate ranking
  • Automated communications
Recruitment Workflows

Request To Recruit

Accelerate your recruitment marketing campaigns with an automated request to recruit process that allows hiring managers to track and gain approval to recruit with one click while coordinating HR, finance, and your hiring team within deadlines.

  • Recruitment automation tools
  • Customisable requisition forms
  • One-click approvals
  • Improve collaboration
Request To Recruit


Use recruitment automation to post your job adverts to a choice of over 70 job boards, your social media pages, and your careers website at the click of a button to make sure your recruitment marketing gets in front of your ideal candidates.

  • Free job board posting
  • Indeed, Adzuna, Find a Job and affiliates
  • 70+ leading job board integrations
  • Industry-specific job board posting
  • Social media job advert posting
  • Careers site job advert posting
Job Board Multi Posting

Self-Service Interview Scheduling

Use automated workflows to request shortlisted candidates to digitally book an interview at a time and date that suits them based on your hiring team’s availability.

  • Candidate self-service interview scheduling
  • 1 to 1 interviews or group/session-based interviews for assessment centres
  • Automatically update the candidates’ and recruiters’ calendars
  • Works with Outlook and Gmail or as a standalone module
Self Service Interviews
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