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Recruitment Marketing

Solutions That Enhance Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

Make first impressions count when you reach out to potential candidates.


Expand Your Reach

Promote your brand on all the right platforms

Gain maximum exposure of your adverts quickly across online Job Boards, Social Media, and your careers site, optimising the chances of the right candidates seeing your vacancies.

Be Aspirational

Get candidates hyped and engaged with your brand

Inspire candidates to apply with a Careers Site with an X-factor appeal, showcasing your company's mission and company culture in the most aspirational way, so potential job candidates want to apply.

Reduce Time

Keep candidates hooked without the burden

Promote your employer brand beyond your Careers Site with a hiring process that engages your talent seamlessly without the need to burn time and resources.

Create An Unforgettable Candidate Experience

The necessity for your brand to stand out from a very demanding candidate marketplace is key.

Recruitment marketing initially was seen as a strategy to attract talent. But why should it stop at the attraction? We believe the need to 'market' to your potential candidates and keep them in the loop across the entire hiring process is fundamental to creating a strong employer brand and recruiting talent.

And this is where Vacancy Filler really shines.


How we help drive your recruitment marketing

Our features and solutions help recruiters with a range of employer branding solutions that are flexible and customisable throughout the recruiting process.


A Careers Site That Takes Your Employer Brand To The Next Level

Whether you want to bolster your existing careers site, create a brand new recruitment site with the ability to add content, images, and rich media, and more important, and have your company name in lights across all search engines, Vacancy Filler has solutions to fit all requirements.


Keep Your Careers Site Content Fresh

Our inbuilt Content Management System (CMS) is so easy to use, it’s as easy as ABC! You can update your site in a heartbeat, update and add new media (videos, images, photos) and create new pages, anytime you want, and publish them instantly - without the need to call IT, marketing, or your creative agency.


Build and Nurture Your Talent Pool

The Vacancy Filler Talent Pool feature enables you to turn potential candidates into employees. Engaging and nurturing active candidates with job alerts and/or email, SMS communications.

What's more, all our communications can be templated and personalised with your employer branding, so you can engage with your ideal candidates consistently.


Get Job Alerts To The Right Candidates In An Instant

Allow your prospective candidates to pre-register with your company to receive the latest personalised job alerts by email.

Candidates can pre-register their job interests, choose how often they are alerted, and be notified as soon as a job is made live.


Appeal to Job Seekers With Your Job Postings

With our recruitment software, you can create inspiring job descriptions in minutes and align keywords that will elevate your roles at the top of any job search engine using the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

On top of that, our inbuilt Multi-Poster gives you speed so that you can post your roles to hundreds of Job Boards, Social Media, and your Careers Page in seconds.


Transform Your Application Forms

Application Forms are a huge part of recruitment marketing, laying the foundations of an outstanding candidate experience to attract candidates. Vacancy Filler enables you to customise and brand all your forms to fit the candidate experience for that specific role or department - it's up to you.

Not only can you customise application forms, but you can also use rich media within your application forms, like a company video. This really is a new and innovative way of putting your brand, people, and culture in front of candidates at the very start of the candidate journey and adds a bit of sprinkle to your application process.

Your job applicants will love it, so if you really do want to attract the best candidates, let us show you how this function can work for you. 


Beyond the Application Process

With Vacancy Filler recruitment marketing solutions, all of your communications can be branded - even your platform!

From your 'events invite' email through to your Job Contract, every piece of communication is branded and written in the tone that you want, so that you can not only ensure brand awareness but also brand consistency.

You need to up your game when it comes to marketing to target candidates and Vacancy Filler empowers you to do all of this and more.

Is it time to take your recruitment to the next level?

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